"10-Group - Lose 10kg Weight in 10 Weeks!"

Do you want to overcome constant exhaustion and add energy to your days? The group of ten offers the support of a group and coaches, which makes moving alone easier. You'll find a new hobby and effective stress relief while learning a relaxed approach to food and weight management.

Why join the 10 coaching group? Here are 10 strong reasons:

1. You overcome exhaustion and get lasting energy for your days.

2. You learn a new hobby and stress management method.

3. You enjoy food without stress and fear of gaining weight.

4. You understand how emotional states affect weight management.

5. Increased well-being is a guarantee.

6. You grow self-confidence.

7. Your daily performance will improve.

8. Let's learn a suitable diet for you according to your own consumption.

9. You make new acquaintances who share the same goals.

10. Your metabolism revs up, your energy returns and your body composition changes week by week.

Our group is designed for ordinary people, not athletes . The goal is not a punishing "torture diet", but towards better well-being through self-love. If you are overweight, dream of losing weight or need support in finding a new lifestyle, the 10 group is for you.

We believe that well-being is self-love, not punishment! The 10-group is especially suitable for you if you are overweight, have considered starting a gym hobby or need support and flexibility to start losing weight.

Personal development plays an important role in the training period. The goal of the 10-group is not only weight control, but also personal development and comprehensive improvement of well-being. The coaches help you set realistic goals and guide you towards your own victories, so the development you experience covers a wider perspective than just physical change.

On the other hand, the 10-group is not suitable for you if you have severe mobility limitations, are an athlete or have a strong gym background, or if you have a serious illness that requires special exercise or nutrition.

Why choose us?

Our coach is by your side throughout the coaching period, and you also get support from a closed WhatsApp group designed for internal communication in a group of 10. In the group, you can talk to each other and ask the coaches for tips and advice, for example regarding diet.

10-group training is designed for ordinary people, not so much for athletes. Considering the total load and adequate nutrition is extremely important to us. We don't expect this coaching session to feel like a "kiddie diet".

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A warm welcome to join the journey towards better health and well-being!