SisuFitness Group exercise

Come train and enjoy fitness together.

Group exercise is on summer break.


Muscle fitness training for the whole body using body weight and small equipment, such as weight plates. The lesson starts with a warm-up with light steps, from which we move on to muscle fitness exercises. The movements are done against time, so the challenge level of the class is adjusted according to the weights and listening to your own fitness and challenging your core.

The class is suitable for beginners to experienced trainers.

Support and Balance

The class focuses on activating deep supporting muscles, improving balance and increasing mobility. After the class, you will feel good and your spine will have gained more centimeters, so you can start the week full of guts. An hour that activates the body with care.

Suitable for all lovers of calm and caring classes, regardless of fitness level.


The class moves in high heart rate zones and includes simple but effective movements with body weight and small equipment. During the class, you get different options for movements and you can adjust the power of the training according to your condition.

The class is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced trainers.

Body care

The body care class helps you recover from stress, increase mobility and flexibility, and improve body control. During the lesson, we do e.g. various mobility exercises, such as dynamic and static stretching, and activating the supporting muscles of the body. At the end, we give the body some time to calm down and relax to the rhythm of calm music. Body care is suitable for all active people!

The class is suitable for everyone who moves.

Fat burning

During this class, the sweat flows appropriately! The class starts with a warm-up, where we do step sets. During the class, in step series, muscle fitness exercises and heart rate increases are also performed, which keep the heart rate up and increase fat burning. You can also use small tools during the class, e.g. plate weights.

The class is suitable for everyone who moves.

Circuit Training

The class includes both aerobic and anaerobic work alternately, effective and clear muscle fitness exercises and body control. The lesson is divided into warm-up, circuit training and final feedback. In this class, the efficiency and variability of movements guarantee an energetic workout for every exerciser.

The class is suitable for everyone who moves.


Zumba is a calorie-burning fitness dance class inspired by Latino culture, which is effective, fun and engaging at the same time. The profitable idea of ​​Zumba is the joy of exercise and the ease of movements. When working out, alternately to the rhythm of Latin and international music, everyday worries are forgotten!

The class is suitable for everyone who moves.

Flow Yoga

During the class, you move to the rhythm of your breathing and listening to your body. The class develops mobility as well as mind and body balance and well-being. Movements are done calmly at floor level and while standing. The class ends with gentle final relaxation, savasana, and your day continues refreshed and rested.

The class is suitable for everyone who moves.


A kettlebell is a comprehensive muscle fitness workout using only one piece of equipment! The class consists of functional movements that raise the heart rate. With a kettlebell, you can make comprehensive and effective movements, so your aerobic fitness also increases well.

The class is suitable for both beginners and more experienced exercisers.

Sisun Terveselkä

tervaselkä class is a calm, low-threshold class that is suitable for everyone. The class focuses on strength, body control and mobility exercises that support the well-being of the back. In the class, you practice maintaining good posture and body control, as well as sculpting in a way that you can transfer to everyday life. At the end of the class, you can also put on warm clothes or take a blanket for yourself to relax.

The class is suitable for everyone who moves.