SisuSixty is a sixty-day fitness burst where members can challenge themselves, and each other, to get into a better shape. There is exercise session every day from 18:30 to 19:30. Whatever your goals, you can work independently, with other members, join the group sessions, or mix and match to suit your time and what works best for you.

The challenge includes voluntary fitness tests every two weeks. These tests allow you to measure your progress and development during the challenge, and also create new habits.

By participating in SisuSixty, you not only increase your daily exercise, but you develop new healthy habits in your life. Psychological research has stated that it takes 28 days to develop a new habit, so imagine after 60 days you can proudly state that you have developed a new healthy lifestyle!


The classes are all different and have a mix of different topics. The subjects of the classes are, for example, endurance, circuit, recovery, strength, core body strength and resistance training. From these you can choose the ones you like or come for all of them! Each session is less than 40mins so you dont have to worry about dedicating your life to it!

The first half of the challenge

Free for Every Member!

To join the programe simply sign up on the notice board in reception and the prgoramme is free for every member. Write your name on the list and make an appointment to come and discuss the goals of your Sixty-Day Challenge and you'll be included!

Free 121 Coaching and Goal Setting

In addition to joining the SisuSixty day challenge you will also get a free 121 session to discuss your goals within the 60 days and we will advise you on the programme, additional things to consider and also take the measurements to help you ascertain your progress over the 60 days. This will set you up ready to continue with your new habits after the programme.